Top 10 Best Men’s Belts for Jeans in 2022 Reviews

One of the dressing accessories a man can’t miss is a belt. The best men’s belts for jeans will unobtrusively do their job while maintaining style. Therefore, there are several factors that you must consider in a belt before purchasing one. To begin with you must consider the color; the belt has to match with the clothes you intend to wear it on. Secondly the length of the belt will really determine if your dressing style stands out. You don’t need a very long belt that you may need to wrap twice around your waist or one that is too short that the end hangs before reaching the first loop.

The belt buckle will also determine what kind of clothes you can wear with it. Belts with smaller buckles are for formal clothes while those that have larger buckles are suited for casual wear. Here we review the top 10 Best men’s belts for jeans in 2022.

10. Strong & Invisible Unisex Belt

10. Strong & Invisible Unisex Belt

Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, this belt is lightweight and doesn’t have a single piece of metal in it. It has a sleekly designed buckle that lays flat across the waist making it virtually invisible. Moreover, this belt doesn’t require any size adjustments because once your wear it, it will smoothly conform to the shape and size of your body. Therefore, this belt can be worn for any occasion or under any shirt because it matches flawlessly with any outfit.

9. Menschwear Men’s Belts

9. Menschwear Men's Belts

This belt is made of grain leather. It is about 1.4 inches wide therefore making it fit most pants. The buckle is elegantly designed with half of it being covered with chromatic leather. Furthermore, the buckle is detachable and you can therefore cut the belt to size if it is too long. This belt can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

8. Falari Men’s Braided Belt

8. Falari Men's Braided Belt

This belt is meticulously hand braided and features 100% genuine leather with a stainless-steel buckle. The Strap width is 1 3/8 inches and can therefore fit in most outfits. It is available in several pant sizes however you its length can’t be adjusted. It is therefore advisable to buy one that matches with your pant size to avoid the extra length hanging out. This belt is suitable for casual wear.

7. 1 1/2″ Snap on Perforated Studded Vintage Embossed Solid Leather Jean Belt

7. 1 1/2

This vintage belt is made of 100% thick leather making strong and long lasting. Its design features perforations across its surface with embossing details. Additionally, the strap width is 1 ½ inches and can therefore fit most pants. The buckle is snap on and can be interchanged. When buying one consider purchasing one size larger than your pant size because the size of this belt is measured from the buckle to the center hole.

6. Jean Belt, Crazy Horse Water Buffalo Leather

6. Jean Belt, Crazy Horse Water Buffalo Leather

This belt has been carefully handcrafted and is made of select 9 oz Water Buffalo leather; expect it to last for ages. Moreover, this belt has designed with a classic timeless style and will flawlessly pair with any stylish jeans or a rugged one. Although this belt is made with strong leather to last for ages, it is lightweight and soft making it easier to wear and comfortable as well. Perfect for outfits with a classic appearance and color options.

5. Hanks Legendary

5. Hanks Legendary

This vintage leather belt is made from steer hide leather guaranteeing it to be amazingly smooth, strong and reliable. Although this belt is strong it’s extremely lightweight and comfortable even if worn for the whole day. Furthermore, the buckle can be interchanged simply by a screw driver giving you endless options for styles with this belt. The strap width for this belt is 1 ½ inches and can therefore fit in most pants.

4. Hanks Jean Belt – 1.5″

4. Hanks Jean Belt - 1.5

Crafted with 9 oz leather this belt is not only strong but will last for ages. Surprisingly this belt is soft, lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Its strap width is 1 ½ inches wide with a low-profile buckle, and fits most pant styles. This belt will give you a rugged masculine look for a classic retro style. It will match perfectly with most casual outfits.

3. H Belts for Men

3. H Belts for Men

This belt is from the best quality leather and features precise stitching. Although the leather makes it robust and long lasting, this belt is amazingly soft, easy to wear and very comfortable. The buckle is classically designed with a heavy-duty metal texture. Additionally, there is an automatic clamp by the buckle that aids in resizing this belt if it is longer than your pant size or hangs out. The strap is 1 3/8 inches wide and can fit in most pants. However, this belt will match flawlessly with business casual pants.

2. Carhartt Men’s Jean Belt

2. Carhartt Men's Jean Belt

This belt is made of full grain waxed 100% leather with a saddle stitching and will last for ages. It has a single prong buckle with a brass finish. Furthermore, the holding loop is made of engraved metal delivering a classic look. The strap width for this belt is 1 ½ inches wide and therefore can fit most pant styles. Because of the metal parts, it’s recommended to avoid machine wash for this belt.

1. Men’s Two Row Stitch Leather Belt Handmade by Hide & Drink: Bourbon Brown

1. Men's Two Row Stitch Leather Belt Handmade by Hide & Drink: Bourbon Brown

This belt is handcrafted from the highest quality full grain leather with a double row stitching. It is therefore not only good looking but also strong and long lasting. It features a stylish and charming brass buckle that will flawless match with any jeans or pants for any occasion. The strap width for this belt is 1 ½ inches wide and will therefore on most pant styles.

This top 10 best men’s belts for jeans in 2022 will not only add class to your style, they also deliver comfort. Their meticulous designs ensure that they are strong, lightweight, comfortable and yet long lasting.

These belts will therefore deliver value for any penny you spend. They are a necessary accessory for any man who wants his dressing style to stand out. Ensure the belt you wear matches with and compliments your outfit for an amazing look!